Community Meal Christmas Dinners

Here are a few pictures from our Christmas Meal on Dec 11, 2012.   This year, we held two Christmas dinners, to try to accommodate everyone comfortably and avoid long lineups.    Dec 11 was primarily aimed at families with children and Dec 18 was open to everyone.  On Dec 11, thirty-four children attended, aged 8 months to 16 years.   We had gifts for every child, and a very special visitor to hand them out: Santa Claus.   Wonderful food (turkey with all the trimmins plus fresh baked mince tarts and ice cream), music courtesy of Jackie, Dalton, Trinity and Kris-Ann.  A good time had by all.

Sorry, no pictures of Santa -- camera batteries ran out.

Some of our many dedicated volunteers.  Top row: Marty trying out Santa's chair, Dick.Next row standing: Riseley, Karen, Pat, Cliff, Ken, Michael, Patrick, Hermine, Glenna.  Seated: Anne, Renee, Jackie, Anna, Grace.  Many others helped out that night who missed the photo, including Peter, Hugh, Rose, Margaret, Westley, Larry, Karen, Tom, Danny, Richard, Tessa, Olivia, Melissa, Lorraine, Skylar, the Steveston Rotary club, Alex, Ann and maybe a few more I forgot

Santa's big chair with all the presents around the tree.  Most of the presents supplied by Santa's helpers at St Anne Anglican in Richmond.  The remainder from St Alban Community Meal.

The Events Committee did a great job of the tables: beautiful centerpieces, red and green tablecloths, festive napkins and an orange and candy cane for everyone.  Oranges and candy canes donated by the Richmond Food Bank.

Turkeys getting carved up by Steveston Rotary members, part of the team who served the meal.