Service with a smile

Each week volunteers don gloves, aprons and smiles and serve up a great meal to our guests.    Our servers often come as a group: service clubs like the Richmond Sunshine Rotary and Steveston Rotary each take one Tuesday a month and local organizations like the city of Richmond, Richmond Funeral Home and Vancity also book evenings during the year.  The remaining nights our volunteers who have set up the hall, or worked in the kitchen step in to serve.

Last week, pictured above, we had a blend of volunteers from the city of Richmond Parks and Recreations and Public Works (including one who drives a snow plow for the city) along with some of our newest volunteers: Olivia, Mei, Joe, Risely and Kurt.    Many of our volunteers have already put in a hard day at work, so spending another couple hours volunteering to prepare or serve food,  set up tables or clean up afterwards, is really appreciated.

So, thank you volunteers for your service to our guests and to our community.  It's heartwarming to see people from the local community offering service to their neighbours, sharing a meal and exchanging smiles.

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