Try it, you'll like it

Whenever someone asks about volunteering, I usually suggest they drop in and attend a meal as a guest to see firsthand how things work, feel the atmosphere, see who comes through the doors, listen to the conversations around the dozen plus dinner tables, see firsthand the good works of the Community Meal.  And, of course, enjoy a tasty meal served up with a smile.

A couple folks from Richmond Presbyterian Church (No. 2 Rd and Granville) who I knew as volunteers from the St Alban Extreme Weather  Shelter asked about the possibility of their church serving one night as a group.  I said sure, so they did and found it to be an enjoyable and enriching experience, so have signed up for a total of five nights this year.

Welcome, folks.  Glad to have you part of our Community Meal team.  By the way, in the photo below, two people from the Church also volunteer at the shelter at St Alban and two volunteer at the Food Bank, so a very caring and active bunch.

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